How to Make Money Online & Quit Your Job in 30 Free Lessons Written by Janet Smith... Inspired by SEO Legend, Grizzly Brears.
Real, Actionable Tips the Fake Gurus Don't Want You to Know!

My name is Janet Smith and I’m the author of the 2009 bestselling SEO ebook Nomad’s Guide to Make Money Online. I’m also a former student of SEO legend, Grizzly Brears and have spent time training with John Limbocker from SEO Dominators.

A lot has changed in the make money online world since 2009. Because I know many people who need help escaping their crappy jobs, I’ve decided to emerge from the shadows and share my up-to-date knowledge here for free. Don’t ask me why. Just follow the directions in my free blog posts.

This blog is a labor of love! There will be no $1999 useless, shiny objects here. I HAVE NOTHING TO SELL YOU because I make money online using the same techniques taught in this blog.

For those who are interested, I’m in my 30s (obviously a female) and live in the Los Angeles, CA area when I’m not at my vacation homes in Hawaii, Idaho, and Mexico.

I’m not too keen on showing my face or any of my homes in the form of a proper photo because I did not create this blog for fame and I don’t enjoy the thought of having stalkers.

Sorry to disappoint you, but aside from my condo in L.A., my homes are all off-grid solar-powered cottages and I drive a couple of humble Subarus as my only cars. I’m not the flashy type. If you want to see McMansions and Lamborghinis, check out one of the infamous Internet Marketing Gurus. 😉

Enough about me! Please, go read my lessons and start building your blogs so you can quit your job! I have given you all the info you need for free.

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