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Escaping the 9 to 5: How I Did It with a Simple Blog

Escaping the 9 to 5: How I Did It with a Simple Blog

Hey there! I know it’s been over a month since I wrote any lessons on this blog about escaping the 9 to 5 (how I did it anyway)… But I’m here again, so get ready for yet another lesson to help rescue you from that slave job that you hate. Let’s get started, shall we?

Obviously, this blog post is targeting the keyword escaping the 9 to 5, how I did it – as well as its many synonyms, but really, this like always, this post will include actionable steps you can take to actually quit your job and not just pipe dreams and fake Lambo shots like other sites.

How to Escape the 9 to 5 Grind: Create Niche Blogs & Promote Them for Free

Since all my other lessons up to this point have covered how to set up a niche blog and how to write SEO as well as reader-friendly blog posts that actually help people and answer their questions, this blog post – Lesson 8, in fact, is going to dive into how to promote your blog with minimal effort.

And if you don’t know it already, you’ll soon realize just how lazy I really am. I like free stuff and I’m lazy. I don’t mean to bring all this up to put myself down; I am actually quite proud of what a lazy freeloader I can be while still creating niche blogs that collectively earn me a full-time income. Yeah. 🙂

Anyway, how in the world does one go about creating a niche blog, promoting it for free (and minimally) so that said person can quit his or her job? This blog post is as much about what to do to promote your blog for free as it is what NOT to do.

If you want to quit your job and ditch the 9 to 5 gig, read lessons 1 through 7 first…

If you haven’t already, you will need to read Lessons 1 through 7 before continuing on here with Lesson 8. Otherwise, this lesson will make absolutely no sense. If you’re new here, you will notice that all these lessons are long-winded; this serves 3 purposes – 1.) to give you all the details, 2.) to one-up my competition so that Google eventually ranks this blog on page 1 for quit your job and make money online types of keywords, and 3.) so that this becomes the best damn Internet Marketing blog in the world.

escape the rat race - no bs zone

When people Google “how to make money online”, they deserve to get a real, honest answer to that question – and currently, that is not the case. Currently, the “make money online” search results page is full of sales-y B.S. such as advice on how to do surveys for pennies and bloggers telling you to open a savings account that will earn you .0000001% interest. Wooooo hooooooo, right?

I whole-heartedly believe this blog authentically tells people how to make money online without the scams and other common forms of dishonesty.

I’ve made it into a very simple 3-step process for you to succeed at quitting your job…

  1. Follow my formula that is clearly outlined in these detailed lessons
  2. Be patient for ~24 months…
  3. …and voila! Guess who will be quitting their job soon after? YOU!

Since I consider myself a lazy Internet Marketer, before I move on with the lesson at hand, let me just remind you that I am not here to sell you anything. There are no digital products or useless, ambiguous $1999 coaching sessions offered on this blog.

I’m also a generous Internet Marketer who wants to show you the ropes and help free you from your crappy job. I won’t do anything for you, but I will teach you all I know. I won’t give you fish, but I will teach you how to fish.

i teach you to fish so you can escape the 9 to 5

I am writing about all the methods I use to create, promote, and maintain full-time income producing niche blogs – for free.

Why? Because I walk the walk.

This Lambo won’t help you quit your job, but it does look pretty awesome. No, it’s not my Lambo. It’s a stock photo from Pixabay, which you can also use to find great free stock photos for your blogs.

I actually make a full-time living off my existing collection of super niched-down, highly specific blogs. I don’t need your money.

Do I need to prove it to you? No. I think the fact that I have written these blog posts while not trying to sell you a single thing is proof enough that I make money using the methods I teach.

I have chosen to write this blog as a public service – as a labor of love.

quit this job is a labor of love

I’m not at all worried about you stealing my traffic or interfering with my niches. Believe me, there are plenty of niches to go around. I guarantee you won’t interfere with my niches, as they are quite specific and not in competitive niches.

How to Promote Your Niche Blog

Step 1 is to forget that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat exist. Don’t use any of them. Seriously.

social media isnt going to help you quit your job

To Promote a Niche Blog, Focus on Google Search

Always remember this fact: You need Google keyword looker-uppers, not social media addicts who don’t care about your niche and who aren’t wondering about whatever questions your blog posts answer. Forget social media users; they’re dead weight and bounce off your page faster than you can blink. Those people don’t want to read period; they just want to take selfies and laugh at memes and fail compilation videos.

The other bad thing about Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (and ESPECIALLY Twitter) is that your blog posts get buried within minutes. No one is going to see your posts. These social media networks are quite literally a waste of your time.

I don’t understand why people try so hard to prop up social media networks and present them as an Internet Marketer’s best friend. Social media networks are not your friend. Their main objectives are two-fold: 1.) to make ad revenue, and 2.) keep people ON THEIR WEBSITE. They do not encourage people to go to your site (especially if you aren’t paying them to place ads).

Speaking of ad revenue, that brings me to my next point…

Don’t Buy Facebook Ads

You especially don’t need to buy Facebook ads. For the love of God, DO NOT BUY Facebook ads. That is such a waste of money for 99.9% of blogs. FB ads might be OK for certain businesses or certain business strategies, but for the SEO-based niche blog strategy I’m teaching you on this blog, Facebook ads are not going to work. Save your money. Please.

Social Media Isn’t All Bad (But Most of It Is a Waste of Time)

There are a couple of social media exceptions – 4 actually. They are all free and don’t require you to buy ads or engage in shady SEO practices that will eventually get the slap-down from Google.

Which Social Media Networks Should You Focus On, If Any?

  1. YouTube
  2. Pinterest
  3. Reddit
  4. Quora

That’s it. Just those 4.

Not Facebook. Not VK (if you’re Russian). Not Instagram. Not Twitter. Not Snapchat. Not Medium. Not Steemit. Not Tumblr. Hopefully, it’s clear to you by now that you should invest zero time in these 8 as well as any other similar social media networks that I haven’t mentioned.

Just stick with the 4 in the numbered list above if you want to properly promote and drive relevant traffic to your niche blog.

OK, technically, Reddit isn’t a social media site, but close enough. It has a large community of daily users who divide themselves up into subreddits they like, which means free, relevant eyeballs for your blog posts.

YouTube Pinterest Reddit Quora -  promote niche blog social media

Why are YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit & Quora the best social media networks to drive traffic to your niche blog?

The answer here is simple.

These are the 4 social networks that are most likely to share your content with its users without requiring you to buy their stupid ads.

These 4 are fantastic gateways for people who are looking up content that relates to your blog. Facebook, Twitter, and the like are too general and are too much like hangout spots that people don’t want to click away from. Facebookers, for example, are busy chatting with friends and family, liking/commenting on posts, and posting their own garbage to give your blog the time of day.

Let’s analyze the 4 social networks listed above that I do actually recommend so you can understand where I’m coming from.

youtube - quit your job

Why YouTube? How Can YouTube Supplement Your Niche Blog & Help You Quit Your Job?

In addition to being a place where people spend hours watching videos every day, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine (after Google, of course).

People interested in your niche are searching YouTube on a daily basis. How do I know? Because pretty much everyone is on YouTube.

Also, YouTube can work with pretty much all types of niches. Keep in mind, however, that you do not have to publish YouTube videos. YouTube videos will help your blog grow faster, but they are not a necessity.

If you’ll remember, in Lesson 7 I covered how to do keyword research for YouTube since it is a little bit different than how to do keyword research for a niche blog.

Even if a YouTuber doesn’t specifically look up one of the keywords you target in your video title, if someone has been searching for videos even remotely related to your niche, your videos are bound to show up in their recommended feed. That in and of itself is awesome – and free since recommended videos under the “Up next” header are not ads.

Supplementing (or even mirroring) your blog posts with YouTube videos and targeting the same or similar keywords in the title is a great long-term strategy that will bring some traffic (and love, AKA better rankings from Google) for 2 solid reasons:

  1. YouTube videos also show up in Google search results; some keywords/questions are more visual and answered better in video format
  2. Your videos don’t get sucked into a black hole and go unwatched; if people are searching up your niche, your videos show up in their feed

As a reminder, keep your YouTube videos at around 10 minutes, always have a call-to-action in your video (with a link back to your blog that offers them a helpful resource such as more thorough tips, a chart, PDF, etc), speak your keyword as soon as possible at the beginning of your video, speak keyword synonyms occasionally throughout the video, and create a title and description that mention your keyword toward the beginning (rather than toward the end).

pinterest - quit your job

Why Pinterest? How Can Pinterest Supplement Your Niche Blog & Help You Ditch Your 9 to 5 Gig?

Ah, Pinterest… It’s not just for scrapbooking, recipe-seeking soccer moms. It is true that Pinterest tends to work better for female-dominated niches, but that’s becoming less and less true as more people start to use it. Men are starting to use it more – especially for how-to and DIY topics.

Most niche blogs can be promoted on Pinterest. And yes, for free. You don’t need to buy ads. Not buying ads will keep more money in your pocket and get you that much closer to quitting your job.

Pinterest pins don’t get instantly buried like Tweets and Facebook/Insta posts do. Like YouTube, Pinterest is used like a search engine to look up various topics. Your pins will show up for relevant searches or in the feeds of people interested in your niche.

Also, unlike Facebook, Pinterest (so far) isn’t trying to be a greedy trickster that prioritizes paid ads above quality content and pretty much hides your content if you don’t buy ads. Facebook is pretty damn sinister if you ask me.

To get started on Pinterest, all you have to do is create an image for free in Canva using the pre-sized Pinterest Graphic templates and add the image to the bottom of your blog post so it’s not the in the way. Then pin the image to your Pinterest board, add the URL to your blog post, and work the keyword into the title of your Pinterest pin. Then work the keyword into the description and you’re done.

Pinterest works well with all sorts of blog post topics: DIY, before and after, inspiration images, crafts, or with attractive Canva-created images that highlight “ABC Tips for doing XYZ” or the “Top 10 Ways to XYZ”. Your 2000+ word blog posts usually work well on Pinterest.

It can be helpful to join public Pinterest boards relevant to your niche if you can find some. Don’t join overcrowded or irrelevant general topic boards. If there are 100 or less people pinning to a relevant public board, it’s good – try to join it.

If you do join a public Pinterest board, be respectful and don’t pin more than a couple of times per day. Since you’re going to be writing at least 30 long, high-quality blog posts, I doubt you will be able to publish more than 1 blog post per day, but just in case, I’m mentioning the etiquette that I like to abide by.

BTW – most of my social media traffic usually comes from Pinterest. It’s worth your time.

reddit - quit your job

Why Reddit? How Can Reddit Supplement Your Niche Blog & Help You Quit Your 9 to 5 Job?

Reddit is one of my favorite ways to promote my niche blogs. What I love about Reddit is its authenticity and grassroots nature.

If you want to test the waters to see how much demand there is for your blog and whether your articles are of good quality, look no further than Reddit. If your blog is fantastic, Reddit can help its popularity spread like wildfire.

Join & Participate in Relevant Subreddit Communities

What I like to do is join a few of the more popular subreddits that are relevant to my niche and participate in the discussions like a normal person, which means not trying to push my blog. A lot of times I don’t even mention it, but I always link to it in my profile description. When regulars in my subreddits like what I have to see, many of them visit my profile and then visit my blog from there.

Just don’t spam any of the relevant subreddits asking for feedback on your blog or else the whole plan will blow up in your face. There’s a fine line between shameless self-promotional spam and throwing out a link to your blog to help answer peoples’ questions.

Recruit Reddit Friends

Another Reddit strategy I have is to ask some of my heavy Reddit-using friends that I know in real life to mention my blog in subreddits they already frequent or sometimes, they’ll join new more relevant subreddits to help work my blogs into the discussions.

This works well for a couple of reasons: 1.) It’s not self-promotion, and 2.) since they’re heavy Reddit users, when people look at their posting history, they can clearly see my friends are legitimate, genuine members of the Reddit community. This makes the reception of my blogs much, much better.

If you don’t have Reddit friends, don’t worry. Reddit is optional, like YouTube.

quora - quit your job

Why Quora? How Can Quora Help Promote Your Niche Blog & Help You Escape the Rat Race?

If you’re not familiar with Quora, just know that it’s a fantastic place to ask questions and receive (or read) intelligent, helpful answers that are almost always well-written. A lot of the answers on Quora could be (should be, TBH) blog posts in their own right.

Anyone can ask or answer questions on Quora, but it just so happens that many of the people who frequent this social media site are often highly educated experts in whatever field the questions they answer cover.

Why not join the ranks of these experts? I did mention that you must be an expert or some variety of obsessed about your niche in the lesson about how to make enough money to stop working (which also covers the ultra-important topic of how to choose a blog niche) – don’t you remember? I hope so! If not, click that link to go to my blog post and read the lesson in full.

Quora contains questions that touch on all areas of life, so you’re bound to find some questions you can answer with your incredible niche-specific knowledge.

Which Quora Questions Work Best for Smaller Niches?

What I like to do is answer specific questions (those that aren’t too popular with hundreds of existing answers) with a bit of a teaser (usually 1000 words or less, but still giving them a solid answer to concisely display my expertise). Then I point them to one of my relevant blog posts where they can dive more deeply into the topic. Works like a charm and will really help you escape the 9 to 5 in a few months’ time if you’re consistent…

As mentioned above, many of the best Quora answers for general, popular questions are the equivalent of a good blog post, which is cool, but I don’t recommend banging out one of your monster 3000-word posts on a Quora answer. Save those heavy, truly informative posts for your blog.

Most of the time, I use Quora to link to my smaller, less competitive 1500-2000 word blog posts.

How Quora Can Help Your Blog’s SEO… and You Guessed it, Help You Escape Your Job

Keep in mind that Google loves to rank these Quora questions for question-related, long-tail types of keywords, which is great news for the little bloggers like us. Even if your blog post doesn’t yet rank on page 1 for the keyword, the similarly themed Quora question probably does. Google searchers will then make their way to your blog one way or another, even if it’s not the direct route from the search results page.

If your post isn’t ranking well quite yet, they will most likely still see your Quora answer, which will lead them back to your blog anyway, so it’s a win-win situation for you. When Google realizes people click over to your blog from Quora, it will help your blog post rank better, faster.

Keep Quora in Mind When Writing Blog Posts

One way to reverse engineer this process is to pay attention while you are doing your keyword research and find page 1 ranking relevant Quora questions. Then you can write your blog posts with the Quora questions in mind. After you publish the blog post, answer the Quora question as a mini, non-secret-revealing version of your blog post and link back to the post to answer the question completely.

Well, that’ll do it for Lesson 8, which was lovingly written to help you learn how to escape the 9 to 5 (how I did it) with a blog. I hope you have learned much about how to promote your blog for free with YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, and Quora.

At just under 3200 words, this lesson is pretty short for Janet Smith standards, but I have no more to say about it because I truly feel that blog promotion is so much less important than spending time actually writing your blog posts. Writing blog posts is the single most important task you will do for the future of your blog.

Stay tuned for Lesson 9. It will cover when and how to monetize your blog. I hope to see you there!

Janet Smith

My name is Janet Smith and I'm the author of the 2009 bestselling SEO ebook Nomad's Guide to Make Money Online. I'm also a former student of SEO legend, Grizzly Brears and have spent time training with John Limbocker from SEO Dominators. A lot has changed in the make money online world since 2009. Because I know many people who need help escaping their crappy jobs, I've decided to emerge from the shadows and share my up-to-date knowledge here for free. Don't ask me why. Just follow the directions in my free blog posts. This blog is a labor of love! There will be no $1999 useless, shiny objects here. I HAVE NOTHING TO SELL YOU because I make money online using the same techniques taught in this blog.

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