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Grizzly Brears is in Hibernation, but Janet Smith is Alive & Kicking

Grizzly Brears is in Hibernation, but Janet Smith is Alive & Kicking

Well, hello there! My name is Janet Smith. For those of you who followed Grizzly Brears’ Make Money Online for Beginners blog back in the day, you might remember me.

You remember his blog, don’t you? It was the very ugly but very successful free Blogger blog that ranked on the first page of Google for “make money online”… The one that gave away valuable SEO and MMO knowledge for free that others were selling for thousands of dollars… Yeah, that one…

BTW, don’t bother Googling Griz’s blog because I’m sure you remember that it was wiped out by the wrath of Google during one of their infamous updates long, long ago.

I do not believe this blog will follow suit – for reasons that I will be revealing to you over the course of the next few months as I write my own blog posts in memory of the SEO legend himself, Grizzly Brears.

labor of love - griz janet smith

I Have Nothing to Sell You

I have nothing to sell you because I have once again cracked the code for making money online and make all my money using my own methods – the free methods I’m going to walk you through, step-by-step, in this blog.

Like Griz, I enjoy giving out valuable information for free.

This blog is going to be a labor of love. I’m not writing this blog to get famous. I just wanna give back to the community so that all your Google searches about how to make money online won’t be in vain.

What has Janet Smith been doing since the Grizzly Brears days?

I’m not going to lie. Over the past 10 years, it hasn’t been easy. Yours truly had to “get a real job” until my blogs could sustain me again at pre-2009 levels.

I had to start from square one, much like the rest of you who created niche blogs the Griz Way.

As of 2019, I’m back with a vengeance and making more money than ever. I’ve been creating blogs that I’m quite proud of – in niches that I’m passionate about. I can’t think of a better career.

My Griz Era niche blogs all got penalized by Google (for good reason, tbh). It served me right and I got everything I deserved. Back then, I was putting out a lot of automated junk that I’m not proud of. The world does not need more junk.

Going forward, this blog does not support or condone junk or deception in any way, shape, or form.

After getting the smackdown from Google, I have changed my outlook on life. Like any good parent, Google taught me that they have always acted in the best interest of those who trust and rely on them (AKA – the people who use their search engine). In order to maintain that trust, they can’t be giving people shitty search results with spammy garbage written on it. Makes sense, right?

As much sense as all that makes in hindsight, I’m going to be perfectly honest with you: It took me a few years to get back on my feet and get rid of my bitterness toward Google.

However, with age comes wisdom, and a decade has done me a lot of good. I now have valuable, firsthand experience of what it’s like to have a crappy, dead-end job that keeps me on the proverbial hamster wheel. If you’re currently in that position, I feel your pain.

A Quick Note About Quit This Job

I’ve wanted to start up this blog for a while, but it’s been really difficult for me to get my other blogs to a good stopping point so that I can devote my attention to this one. As you will soon see, primarily focusing on one blog at a time is going to be an important part of my recipe that will lead to your success.

Finally, the time has come where I can commit to the Quit This Job project. Let’s get all of you well on your way to quitting your job ASAP. The quicker you get started planting those seeds, the quicker you can stick it to the man!

I’m fully aware of what a competitive environment the make money online niche is in. That’s ok, though. I’m of the belief that the cream always rises to the top. Plus, I have the ninja SEO skills that I’ll be teaching you. 😉

plan to quit your job

What’s the Plan, Stan?

Lucky for you, I know what the hell I’m doing once again, and that fact is going to save you a lot of time, frustration, and money. My free step-by-step lessons will be your quickest route to quitting your job and making passive income online.

I plan for Quit This Job to be all about helping you build your own blogging empire, step-by-step.

I will be teaching White Hat SEO and niche blogging methods that differ from the Classical Grizzly Brears lessons, but I assure you, the new methods work like a charm. I have a nice little recipe for you to follow, if you’re willing to do a bit of reading. 🙂

There’s so much I want to share with you about leveraging the power of blogs so that you can quit your job and eventually enjoy a good passive income (as passive as it’s going to get anyway!) Don’t worry, it’s pretty darn passive!

All you need to bring to the table are 3 simple things:

1. Your willingness to learn and implement what I teach you

2. Good old-fashioned grit

3. Less than $100 so you can buy yourself a year’s worth of web hosting and a couple of domain names. If you use a cheap host like Namecheap, you can probably get up and running for less than $80. Do not write your content on free platforms that you don’t own – like Blogger or Medium. I’ll tell you why in a future post.

That’s it. Nothing else is required.

This is just an intro blog post, though. Over the next couple of months, I plan to pump out content like you wouldn’t believe – at least 30 posts. Maybe more.

In the meantime, let’s reminisce about the past a little, shall we? 🙂

where is griz

Where’s Grizzly Brears?

Let’s get this initial question about Griz out of the way before I talk about my plans for this blog.

I have no idea where Grizzly Brears is! I do not know Griz personally and was merely one of his readers, like you probably were back in the day. The last I heard (which could be a rumor for all I know), is that he started his own SEO agency and was servicing clients in Canada.

where is grizzly brears

Nomad’s Guide to Make Money Online

You might be wondering about my connection with Grizzly Brears…

My only (brief) contact with him was when I pitched him my ebook, Nomad’s Guide to Make Money Online. I was an avid reader of his blog and successfully implemented his free SEO lessons to the point that I was able to make a living online.

My ebook summarized all of his blog posts and coherently compiled them into one convenient place. Much to my surprise, Griz loved the book and signed up as an affiliate. As a result, Nomad’s Guide sold a ton of copies.

Obviously, Nomad’s Guide to Make Money Online is as outdated as the content from Grizz’s blog, so that’s why I stopped selling it.

whats next - make passive income online

What’s Next?

Look for Lesson 1, which I will link to from here once it’s published. I’m undergoing a 60-day challenge where I write 1 blog post every other day and will be doing everything in my power to stick to that schedule.

In the next post, I’ll give you the big picture about making passive income online so you can understand what my “quit your job” recipe entails as a whole. It’s important to understand everything conceptually before diving into the details.

See you in the Lesson 1!

Janet Smith

My name is Janet Smith and I'm the author of the 2009 bestselling SEO ebook Nomad's Guide to Make Money Online. I'm also a former student of SEO legend, Grizzly Brears and have spent time training with John Limbocker from SEO Dominators. A lot has changed in the make money online world since 2009. Because I know many people who need help escaping their crappy jobs, I've decided to emerge from the shadows and share my up-to-date knowledge here for free. Don't ask me why. Just follow the directions in my free blog posts. This blog is a labor of love! There will be no $1999 useless, shiny objects here. I HAVE NOTHING TO SELL YOU because I make money online using the same techniques taught in this blog.

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