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“My Job is Making Me Miserable! Should I Quit?”

“My Job is Making Me Miserable! Should I Quit?”

If you hate your job and constantly tell yourself or others something along the lines of: “My job is making me miserable! Should I quit?” – I’m here to offer you some insight. The answer isn’t cut and dry, but I’ll give you a detailed answer nonetheless. Just have a little patience and keep reading. 🙂

Should you quit your job if it is making you miserable?

So… to answer your question: Yes, you should quit your job, but… not until you have built yourself a network of niche blogs that will replace your job’s income. Building this network of blogs is going to take some time and dedication, so don’t be too hasty.

To make the process smoother and more realistic for you, I have created this blog as a way to show you, step-by-step, how to make money online with blogs – for free. I have started many blogs from scratch and make a living implementing the exact methods I demonstrate and teach on this blog.

my job is making me miserable should i quit - escape rat race 9 to 5

As a quick side note: For those who have been waiting, as promised, this is Lesson 1 of Janet Smith’s step-by-step tutorials. This first lesson will serve as a broad overview of my recipe and explain the game plan moving forward. In this and in future lessons, I will reveal to you in tiny, digestible steps how to make money online with niche blogs and quit your job. No B.S., just real, free advice that the gurus are too greedy to teach you.

I Already Make Money Online, so I Have Nothing to Sell You

Why trust me? Because I practice what I preach! I do not have the need or desire to try selling you anything on this blog. All the information in my step-by-step tutorials is free and you can absolutely learn how to make a living online with niche blogs for free.

I don’t plan to release any flashy (trashy?) $1999 info product because doing so would make me feel slimy and manipulative. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I’m going to give you the same content for free that others think I should be charging obscene amounts of money for.

I trust and believe in the free methods I’m going to be teaching in these lessons and I’m going to prove it to you. Because my niche blogs are literally my bread and butter, I don’t need your money. Instead, I want you to make money and be successful with your own blogs – and I want you to stop buying the crap that those so-called gurus are trying to sell you.

This blog literally consists of everything I know about niche blogs and making money online. Read, read, read! Then implement, implement, implement!

monetize blog with ads affiliate products - make money online - quit job

How will I monetize this blog?

I have my ways. A couple of them, actually. You didn’t think I’d put in all this effort and make $0 from this blog, now did you? I’m not that philanthropic! 😉

The main thing here is that I’m not pocketing your money! I’m handing you my recipe that I use to create niche blogs so that you can escape your 9 to 5 nightmare. In return, I receive compensation from the following:

Premium Ads

When the traffic on this blog gets to 30k pageviews per month or higher, I will be adding some tasteful ads from a premium ad network. You don’t have to click on the ads, and I’ll see to it that they’re not obnoxious and don’t interfere with you being able to read the lessons.

You’ll be following suit on your own blogs (placing ads at 30k monthly pageviews, that is) and will be able to use this blog as a shining example of how it’s done. Of course, there will also be a future lesson about ad networks, which ones you should use, and all the other details surrounding that topic. 🙂

Utilizing a premium ad network is a major key to making a significant, reliable (and yes, passive) monthly income from your niche blogs. You’ll love it, I promise.

I will not be displaying Adsense ads because those are not profitable anymore and they look spammy. This blog isn’t the most gorgeous, but I don’t want it to look spammy either. Keep it classy, everyone!

Affiliate Links

I might occasionally have products or services that I recommend (with affiliate links because, well, why not?) However, I’ll do this sparingly because, otherwise, it’s tacky. I’ll only provide recommendations when I have used a product myself and can vouch for its usefulness – or when readers specifically request a recommendation.

Please note that buying affiliate products or services I recommend will not make or break your success. You can always pass on my recommendations and make your own decisions, spend your money elsewhere, etc.

To be fair to other websites and blogs out there in the make money online niche, there is more than one way to quit your job and make money online. I just happen to like my way best because I’ve found it to be the cheapest to get started with, the most profitable and passive – and has the best long-term outlook. I like simplicity.

web host domain name - make money blogging - quit job

To Get Started, You Need a Hosting Account & Domain Names

The only 2 things I honestly feel it is necessary for you to buy in order to build your blog network are a web host account and domain names. Those are pretty cheap these days and can be had for less than $100 per year.

If you don’t have $100, save up the money or sell some of the junk you have lying around that you don’t use. Scrape together that $100 somehow and get started ASAP.

If this is your first time on my blog and you haven’t read any of the other lessons yet, do not pay for your hosting account and domain names yet. Wait until you finish the lesson about choosing a niche, which is coming up very soon.

In the meantime, let me drive home my point about owning your blogging platform…

The reason I insist you need your own web host and domain names is quite simple: You don’t want to be writing content and putting all your hard work into a free platform (such as Blogger, Medium, Facebook, etc) because you don’t own those platforms. You have zero control over them.

The only notable exception is YouTube. It is beneficial to create content on YouTube, even though you don’t control the platform, but don’t worry about that for now. We’ll dive into those reasons in the upcoming lesson about YouTube. For now, just take my word for it that creating content on YouTube is a good thing, and let’s move on.

grizzly brears make money online

Case Study: Why Grizzly Brears Lost His Iconic Make Money Online Blogspot Blog

Having zero control over your own content can be devastating and be the direct cause your downfall. In fact, this is exactly what happened to Grizzly Brears‘ iconic Blogspot blog back in 2009 – 2010. Google decided to de-index and remove all of his blog’s content for whatever reason. I’m not going to openly speculate what that reason was because it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that Google, who is the creator of the Blogspot platform, decided to pull the plug on Griz’s blog – and they technically had the right to do so because Griz didn’t own it.

It wasn’t fair to Grizzly because his content was top notch, but that’s life. Don’t put your fate in the hands of others if you don’t absolutely have to.

I believe Grizzly tried to make a recovery and bought his own domains to resume his blogging, but it was too little too late. His blogging endeavors on his privately-owned domains were short-lived.

By that time, he had lost a lot of this thunder, and more devastatingly, instantly lost his first-page Google ranking for the ultra-competitive keyword “make money online” after his blog was deleted. I assume at that point, that’s when he decided to fade into the background to do SEO consulting or whatever.

blog on a platform you can control

Going further, with another real life example…

If one day, Facebook decides to deactivate your page or stop showing your posts to your followers, your entire blogging business is screwed. Don’t take that chance.

I have seen several people I know personally in various industries put all their trust in building up an audience on Facebook, only to have it take a nosedive, with no explanation or apology (and, of course, no re-activation of their page either).

Seriously, don’t take any chances. Don’t put your fate in the hands of heartless, money-hungry entities like Facebook who don’t give a crap about you, your business – or your privacy and any of your other rights for that matter.

quit your job by building wordpress blogs

When you are in control of your blog, you can capitalize on free, organic search traffic from Google. That’s how I make a living online. I don’t use anyone’s platform aside from the WordPress blogs THAT I CONTROL – and I don’t buy ads or do any guest blogging.

Buy your own web hosting package and start planting your own seeds!

Just start out with the cheapest hosting plan on Namecheap if you need to go ultra-cheap. From my experience, Namecheap is decent – server performance-wise and customer service-wise. Click here to sign up with Namecheap using my affiliate link, if you’d like.

I also use SiteGround to host many of my niche blogs. Click here to sign up with SiteGround using my affiliate link, but only if you feel I deserve the commission. They’re a little bit more expensive than Namecheap – not too much, though. They have awesome customer service and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

How to Easily Find All of My Lessons

You can find all of my lessons in one place at the Make Money Online Lessons category page. Or… you can find each lesson tagged with its respective lesson number. This lesson is tagged as Lesson 1.

To keep these lessons organized and easily accessible for you, I had to go with the tagging system because I must prioritize SEO in order to have a chance to get my message out. I am, after all, starting this blog from scratch with zero connections. Which prominent internet marketing people would wanna help me anyway? I have nothing to offer them as bribery because I have no $1999 product they can earn a hefty commission on!

The tagging system allows you to find the lessons, but still gives me the freedom to give each lesson a search engine-friendly title containing a search term that is attainable for me to rank well for at the time of writing. I can’t start out trying to rank for “make money online” because my blog does not yet have the authority to be on page 1 for that search term. Currently, I’m not even going to attempt it.
The search term “my job is making me miserable should I quit” will have to suffice for now.

seo - janet smith lessons

That, my friends, is essentially why this particular one has been so eloquently titled, “My job is making me miserable! Should I quit?”

During my keyword research phase, I discovered that people are searching that term on Google. We’ll discuss how I know this in the upcoming keyword research lesson.

I also chose this seemingly arbitrary title because I discovered that this search phrase has low competition, which makes it much easier and quicker to rank on page one of Google for. Again, we’ll discuss the hows and whys of this in the keyword research lesson.

Since this blog is new, I need small wins that will quickly multiply in a similar fashion to the financial concept of compound interest. The fruits of my labor today will make anything I do in the future even more fruitful. If I start with what’s easy – the low-hanging fruit, my success will skyrocket much more quickly.

Slowly, it will become easier and easier to rank for more competitive keywords with less effort. But first, I have to prove myself trustworthy to Google by providing real value for low-traffic keywords like “my job is making me miserable should I quit”.

Do you see where I’m going here? This strategy is precisely what I’m going to teach you to do. However, the process does not start with keyword research, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

For now, I just wanted to explain why this blog post and the others to follow have what seem to be random titles that have nothing to do with my lessons. I want you to realize the so-called random title “My job is making me miserable! Should I quit?” isn’t really random. There is always a method to the madness.

And yes, I do tie the answer to questions into my lessons so that organic search engine visitors get their questions answered. Answering someone’s question is how I create value and make them feel like they got what they were searching for.

In this case, they’re getting much more than they bargained for – in a good way. Have you ever heard the phrase “underpromise and overdeliver”? That’s my motto and it should be yours, too.

When people get what they were searching for (and then some), they spend more time reading my content, which is the ultimate signal to Google that this blog post successfully answers the question, “My job is making me miserable! Should I quit?” My keyword ranking will skyrocket as a result.

seo skyrocket - write excellent content

As I’m sure you understand by now, YES, you should quit your job when the time is right! More importantly, now you have a legitimate resource to help guide you through the process of what it takes to quit your job and build profitable niche blogs.

Why didn’t I title this blog post differently?

If I had titled this post “How to Make Money Blogging – Lesson 1 by Janet Smith, Inspired by Grizzly Brears”, while that would be a highly relevant title, there are three huge problems with it that I can think of right off the bat:

First of all, that title is way too long and would get cut off on the Google search results page. Secondly, “make money blogging” or “make money online” types of keywords are fiercely competitive and because this blog is brand new as I’m writing this post, my blog does not yet have any authority in the niche. Lastly, no one is searching Google for lessons by Janet Smith, so giving this post that sort of title is a waste of my time and effort.

Are you following so far? I hope so. We’ll dive into the specifics of those three problems when we get to the keyword research lesson, so hold tight in the meantime.

Do As I Say & Do As I Do

As you will soon notice (or maybe you have already noticed), I provide free, actionable step-by-step advice to help you build niche blogs so we can get you out of that crappy job ASAP.

Another thing that’s important to notice is that this blog serves as a literal example of how to build your niche blog. Nothing displayed on this blog is an accident. Each and every component is part of a precise, easy-to-replicate recipe that will get you from zero pageviews to hundreds of thousands per month.

Hundreds of thousands of pageviews per month is your ticket to quitting your job.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: Be observant and take notes! Follow the advice I give in my blog post lessons, but also observe how I lay out the WordPress theme, how I structure the blog posts, and so on.

make money online with blogging

There will be a lot of valuable information you can gather simply by copying what I do (but obviously don’t copy my blog post content because that’s plagiarism!)

Besides, if you’re new to all this, starting out in the make money online niche is just going to frustrate you. Stick with smaller, less competitive niches, which we will discuss in detail in the lesson about choosing a niche.

In all honesty, smaller, untapped niches can be even more profitable and passive than the make money online niche. I only entered this niche because I love it – and I have a shit ton of other small niche blogs up and running. I’m ready for the challenge!

Unspoken Clues are Everywhere on This Blog…

I’m giving away premium content on this blog for free. Some people think I’m giving away the farm, so to speak. I don’t look at it that way. It’s about time someone in the make money online niche put greed aside and made a working, step-by-step recipe available for everyone around the world.

Sure, I could easily charge thousands of dollars for this content, but I choose to build trust with you and just give it to you for the reasons I’ve already shared at the beginning of this blog post and in the previous one about Grizzly Brears and myself.

A similar strategy might be doable for the niche you choose, but I’m not necessarily going to suggest giving away everything for free in the upcoming lessons because I know you need to make money.

I’m not in the “must make money position” so that’s why my strategy differs – and that’s why I probably have more options than you currently do. Don’t worry, we can work with whatever situation you’re in!

Creating (helpful!) info products can be a great idea if ads or affiliate products aren’t viable for your niche. I sell info products on some of my earlier blogs, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It just so happens that I chose to give away everything for free as my model for this blog – and to be honest, this could be the last you hear about it. Going forward, it will be an unspoken gem left for others to discover.

long blog posts rank well in google

What About All the Wordy Blog Posts?

Here’s another example about unspoken lessons sprinkled throughout this blog: It might go without saying, but all of my blog posts are a minimum of 1200 words. Most are much longer than that – especially as I start targeting more competitive keywords. Sometimes they’re longer (like this one) simply because I have a lot to say.

The keyword, which is: My job is making me miserable! Should I quit? is not competitive, so in all honesty, it only required a short 1200-word blog post. Then I got on a roll, and you know how that goes… 🙂

Anyway, my blog posts are at least 1200 words for a couple of reasons: 1.) I’m freaking passionate about teaching you how to make money online with niche blogs and have a hard time shutting up about it, and 2.) Google loves long-form content in addition to bona fide excellence and helpfulness. Usually, the longer the better.

The average word count for blog posts that make it to the first page of Google for their target keyword is somewhere around 1900 words.

Competitive keywords require super long, genuinely helpful blog posts that are essentially mini e-books (> 3000 words); they require content that people can bookmark, share on their chosen social media platforms, and reference again and again.

create great content add value to make money online with your blog

You need to get good at creating wordy Holy Grail content in your niche. This is where you can really shine and add a lot of value to your niche’s community. Excellent content eventually ranks well in Google – if you follow my steps in the upcoming lessons.

Remember, I can show you the steps that you need to implement, but it’s up to you to create excellent content and do the implementing. Obviously, I don’t know your niche. Also, I think it goes without saying, but I’m certainly not going to write your blog posts for you. That’s on you.

This, of course, means you must be an expert in your niche, build trust with your readers (or watchers if you’re doing YouTube), and know what you’re talking about. Building trust is easy when you consistently create valuable content. We’ll get into details about choosing a niche in an upcoming lesson.

We’ll also go into more detail about blog post word counts and how to know how many words to write for a particular keyword in the lessons about writing and formatting blog posts, and again in the keyword research lesson.

Mainly, I just wanted to point out early on that I have many unspoken helpful hints floating all around this blog. Observe and learn. Put your detective hat on. Not everything needs to be spoken or written in order to be understood. 😉

janet smith - niche blog system - make money online - quit job

A Quick Overview of My Niche Blog System

To wrap up this massive blog post, let me paint a quick picture of my niche blog system as a whole so you have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

1 – Choose Your Niche

You will start out by choosing your niche (only 1 to start) and choosing the medium you express yourself best in (written blog content, YouTube videos, or podcasting). I will guide you heavily on both of these in the lesson about choosing a niche. It’s part intuition and part research!

2 – Grab Your Domain Name Before Someone Else Does & Buy a Cheap Hosting Plan

You will purchase your hosting plan and a domain name early on during this step. Have your $100-ish dollars ready by the time you’ve chosen your niche.

3 – Keyword Research & Blog Post Topic List

I’ll teach you how to do keyword research (for free, without paid keyword tools) and compile an initial list of 30 low-competition keywords. This keyword list will also serve as the blog topic list for your first 30 blog posts. Having this list ensures you won’t experience writer’s block or feel overwhelmed about all the moving parts in your blogging business. Instead, it allows you to have laser focus and hammer out your 30 blogs posts as quickly as possible.

4 – WordPress Blog Set Up

I’ll guide you through setting up your WordPress blog, creating a logo (to boost the trust factor) for free or very cheap, and setting up Google Analytics, etc.

5 – Write & Format Your 30 Initial Blog Posts

I’ll explain to you how to format and write your blog posts to make both your readers and Google happy as a clam. I have a slick, easy formula that I use for all my blog posts. During this step, I’ll divide up your 30 blog posts into 3 distinct types and assign a word count and keyword difficult rating to each of the 3 types. You’ll always know how much to write for each keyword and where to place keywords within your content.

6 – Create Shareable Resources & Do Some Light Promotion

I’ll show you how to create shareable resources to complement your blog posts and explain which techniques and social media (if any!) to use to speed up your blog’s progress. We’ll tie up any loose ends here as well, and get your blog aging like the fine wine it is!

7 – Continue Publshing Content & Start a Second Blog

I’ll advise you on how to content publishing blog posts on that first blog and help you start a second blog by repeating all of the above steps. At this point, you will be in a position to start more niche blogs on your own in the future. More blogs = more traffic and more money. Go nuts with it.

8 – Monetize Your Blogs

Finally, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about when, why, and how to monetize your blogs. Monetization doesn’t come until after you have the meat of your content (30 blog posts, at minimum) published and ranking. You will likely be monetizing your first blog before the second one, but you never know – it’s all based on monthly pageviews. As soon as you have adequate traffic, implement your monetization strategies. For most people it will be ads and affiliate products.

niche blogs - 24 months

A Dose of Reality

One important thing to take note of is that this process is not fast. Replacing your job’s income is not going to happen overnight. Anything that claims it will allow you to get rich quick is a scam, plain and simple.

You might be disappointed in my answer, but I hope you can at least appreciate my honesty and transparency. I’m here to give it to you straight. 🙂

This whole process is going to take a while because it takes blog posts a while to rank well in Google. This is because your blog is new and Google is deciding what to do with it.

From my experience, it can take about 8 months for the average blog post to start ranking well and reach its full potential (with the exception of very low competition keywords and niches, which can rank sooner).

To be completely honest with you, to get both of your blogs up and running to the point where you can quit your job is going to take somewhere between 12 to 24 months. Count on it taking 24.

The sooner you get started, the sooner the clock starts. If you dink around for 3 months before starting, then it’s going to take 27 months. Don’t let hesitation, procrastination, and excuses delay your progress. The sooner you get your initial 30 blog posts published, the sooner your seed will sprout into something profitable.

Creating successful niche blogs isn’t fast, but it’s an honest, realistic, and viable way to make money online and quit your dead-end job. If you’re determined to make this work, you’ll be out of there in 2 years or less (and probably making a lot more money than you were at your job!)

That’s all for today’s lesson. Are you ready to dive in deeper next time? See you in Lesson 2.

Janet Smith

My name is Janet Smith and I'm the author of the 2009 bestselling SEO ebook Nomad's Guide to Make Money Online. I'm also a former student of SEO legend, Grizzly Brears and have spent time training with John Limbocker from SEO Dominators. A lot has changed in the make money online world since 2009. Because I know many people who need help escaping their crappy jobs, I've decided to emerge from the shadows and share my up-to-date knowledge here for free. Don't ask me why. Just follow the directions in my free blog posts. This blog is a labor of love! There will be no $1999 useless, shiny objects here. I HAVE NOTHING TO SELL YOU because I make money online using the same techniques taught in this blog.

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